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Special Health Care Needs

Schools are required to provide "reasonable accommodations" in order to assist students with special health care needs to participate to their fullest potential in school-sponsored activities, while under school jurisdiction. This is accomplished through the use of a team approach and the development of individualized plans of care.
Pennsylvania Elks Home Service Program
Since 1963, the Elks Home Service Program has been helping to improve the quality of life for thousands of children and adults throughout Pennsylvania. They provide support and advocacy services to individuals of any age who have a developmental disability. Services are provided by a Nurse and/or Medical Care Coordinator to Pennsylvania residents in the person's home environment at no charge. They also work collaboratively with parents and schools in determining the appropriate plan of care for students. To contact this program call  the Special Kids Network helpline at 800-986-4550 or visit their webpage by clicking here.
School-Based ACCESS Program
Overseen by the Bureau of Special Education in the Pennsylvania Department of Education, this program is a system that can be used by schools to obtain funding for health-related services for special education students. Schools can gain medical assistance (MA) reimbursements for the cost of related services currently being provided to MA eligible students. To be eligible, schools must enroll as medical assistance providers. To review the guidelines for eligibility, click here.
Updated: January 4, 2014

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