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RollerbladerThe Pennsylvania Osteoporosis Strategic Plan, released in September 2004, provides a tool to make an assessment by age, race, sex, and geography, of the prevalence and incidence of osteoporosis within the Commonwealth.  It is a comprehensive and coordinated plan to reduce the burden of osteoporosis on the citizens of Pennsylvania in three educational focus areas: the Bone Building Years (0-30), the Bone Maintenance Years (30-50), and the Bone Loss Years (50 and older).  Each category is designed to complement population-specific strategies to reduce the impact of the disease on different stages of life.  Scientific evidence indicates that health prevention and education initiatives, implemented in adolescence and maintained during a lifetime, provide opportunities to reduce negative outcomes. 
The vision for the Osteoporosis Strategic Plan is to build capacity in Pennsylvania in order to implement policy and environmental changes that promote the behaviors and intervention strategies that sustain proper bone health.
The Pennsylvania Osteoporosis Prevention and Education Strategic Plan was a result of the collaboration between the Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Osteoporosis Coalition.  The strategic plan reflects the commitment to strengthen current initiatives and implement an integrated program to address osteoporosis and other chronic diseases.